New Peelable Ditto Cards Coming to Pokemon GO TCG Set

PokePatch Pokemon GO TCG Ditto Peel card

The upcoming Pokemon TCG set will be a very special set for multiple reasons. It will be the first ever Pokemon GO themed TCG set of Pokemon cards. That alone is something fans of both Pokemon GO and the Pokemon TCG have been asking for years. Not only is it a Pokemon GO TCG set but it has Radiant Pokemon, AKA Shiny Pokemon, and now they’re introducing hidden Peelable Ditto cards! Here’s what they look like.

Hidden Ditto Cards Information

Ditto is a Pokemon that’s known for disguising into other Pokemon. So, when seeing a Diglett, Bidoof, or another Pokemon you won’t immediately notice that it’s actually a Ditto until you look at certain details. It’s the same concept with these new Pokemon cards. They’ll look like normal Pokemon cards but if you look closely, you’ll notice it’s a sticker. Peeling back this sticker will reveal the Ditto in it’s true form!

How To Tell If You Have a Ditto Card

The example we see is of a reverse holo card. With this information, we’re assuming all Ditto sticker cards will be reverse holo, meaning they’ll likely be found in the Reverse Holo slot in a booster pack. You’ll want to check all Reverse Holo cards from Pokemon GO packs and look closely at the bottom left corner. Here is where you’ll see a Ditto icon if it’s a holo Ditto card.

What Cards Can Be Ditto

The cards you want to look for are all Reverse Holo and it can only be a few different Pokemon. The Pokemon that can be a hidden Ditto card are Spinarak, Bidoof, and Numel.

To Peel or Not To Peel

No doubt this card has created immediate hype for the Pokemon GO set but it’s not Pokemon if there isn’t some controversy. Some fans are debating what’s the best way to collect these peelable Ditto cards. Should you peel them or leave them unpeeled? Some have pointed out that the glue may warp or damage the cards over time if left unpeeled. This can’t really be confirmed so all we can do is speculate. If we look at vintage sticker packs from the 90s, we see that the stickers have stayed in very good condition for 20+ years. Of course, they aren’t the same material as a card, but it might be worth the risk if they turn out to be fine in the future. What do you think? Should you peel Ditto cards? Let us know in the comments below!

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