These Pokemon GO Cards Are Leaking into Booster Packs

Pokepatch Pokemon GO TCG cards leak in Astral Radiance packs

If you haven’t heard already, Pokemon GO is getting its own TCG expansion set. Fans of both Pokemon GO and the Pokemon TCG have been waiting for this collab set for years and we’re finally getting it. This announcement alone has created some hype in the Pokemon community but something else related to this upcoming set has everyone’s attention. Some of these unreleased Pokemon GO cards are being found in Astral Radiance and other packs and boxes!

Candela Trainer

It started with Leonhart’s new video where he showcases a box a fan sent him. These Arceus figure boxes are usually supposed to have an Arceus V promo card, but this was an error box. Somehow an unreleased Pokemon GO card was put into this box in place of the promo card. The card features the Team Valor Trainer, Candela. Leonhart opened the box to make sure it was real and verified that it looked real but had quite a bit of damage. It makes you wonder how this card got there in the first place.

Radiant Blastoise

The Pokemon Go TCG leaks don’t end there, however. Another unreleased, never before seen Pokemon Go card was posted on Facebook claiming they pulled it from a new Astral Radiance booster pack. This card is a Radiant Blastoise, which immediately caught the community’s attention. This looks real and if it is, it could mean we will see a Shiny Radiant Charizard in the Pokemon Go TCG set as well!

Mewtwo V

Another potentially leaked Pokemon GO card is this Mewtwo V. This particular card looks like an alternate art card. Sadly, we can’t find much more information on this card, but we’ve seen it floating around social media quite a bit lately.

What do you think? Is the Pokemon Company doing this on purpose or is it just a happy accident? Let us know in the comments below!

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