All Alt Art Cards in Astral Radiance – New Pokemon TCG Set

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The newest Pokemon TCG set, Astral Radiance, comes out this month on May 27th and fans are looking forward to seeing what Astral Radiance chase cards they’ll get. It’s too early to tell what these alt art cards will cost or their resale value because not many are in circulation, but we do know what these cards look like and we even know Astral Radiance pull rates for certain types of cards. Thankfully all of these cards were in recent Japanese Pokemon TCG sets such as Space Juggler and Time Gazer, so we can see what these cards look like early. Here’s a list of all Alternate Art cards in Astral Radiance.

161 Beedrill V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Beedrill V Alt Art

First up in the set list is this Beedrill alt art. This card is the first alternate art card in the Astral Radiance set list. It features multiple Beedrill flying over a field of red flowers, just in time for summer! Many fans are happy about this because Beedrill doesn’t get much love nowadays but that may be changing starting with this set.

163 Hisuian Lilligant V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Hisuian Liligant V Alt Art

The Hisuian Lilligant alt art is the first ever alternate art card that features a Hisuian Pokemon. These regional forms are from the new Switch game Pokemon Legends Arceus. Not only is it a good looking Hisuian alt art card but it also features many other Pokemon from the Hisui region. In the illustration you can also see Starly, Pachirisu, Spheal, Swinub, Hisuian Qwilfish, and a female Hisuian Basculegion.

167 Origin Forme Palkia V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Origin Palkia V Alt Art

The Origin Forme Palkia alt art card is the first Legendary Pokemon alt art in the set. This form of Palkia was also introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The art looks very abstract, and you can tell a lot of thought went into creating this illustration.

172 Machamp V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Machamp V Alt Art

This alt art card features Machamp running through a market full of humans. This doesn’t give Hisui region vibes because humans and Pokemon were mostly separated at the time. This looks more like something you’d see in the Galar region but still a very unique looking alternate art card and fans of Machamp will love this card.

175 Hisuian Sneasler V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Hisuian Sneasler Alt Art

A fan favorite and my personal favorite on this list is this new Hisuian Sneasler alt art card. The colors are vibrant, and illustration tells a story while giving a scope of how big the Hisui Region is. This is another highly anticipated card because it features a new Hisuian Pokemon from Pokemon Legends Arceus.

177 Origin Forme Dialga V

PokePatch Astral Radiance Origin Dialga V Alt Art

This Dialga alt art features the 2nd Origin Forme Legendary Pokemon that was first introduced in PLA. Dialga is not only one of my favorite Legendarys but this art makes the Pokemon look so mighty I don’t think anyone can resist wanting this card in their collection.

Let us know which out of all alt art cards in Astral Radiance is your favorite in the comments below! Which cards are you chasing?

Where To Buy Astral Radiance Packs

One of the best places to buy Astral Radiance packs is GameStop. Not only will you be getting them from a trusted source for a good price, PokePatch earns commission from some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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