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Astral Radiance Release Date

The Astral Radiance Pokemon TCG expansion is set to release May 27th, 2022. On or around this date you should see it in retail stores and local card shops. You can, however, preorder packs online so you don’t have to go out and find stores out of stock on release day. Here’s where you can pre order Astral Radiance packs and products.

What’s In Astral Radiance?

Hisuian Typhlosion VStar card

This new Astral Radiance set of Pokemon cards is big for multiple reasons. For one, it’s the first English Pokemon TCG set to include Hisuian Pokemon cards in it. This will have Pokemon from the Hisui Region such as Wyrdeer, Sneasler, Hisuian starters, and many more! Not only will it feature Hisuian Pokemon but it introduces Radiant Pokemon. These will be Shiny Pokemon with powerful abilities used in the TCG.

Buy Astral Radiance Packs

The main product people look for when a new set comes out is the Elite Trainer Box. The Astral Radiant ETBs come in two different looks. The Pokemon Center ETB has a purple theme with the box and sleeves but it’s a little more expensive because it comes with 10 booster packs, instead of 8. The normal ETB is black and red and comes with 8 booster packs, as usual. The best place to get these products is GameStop. Not only will you be getting it from a reliable source at a good price, but PokePatch earns commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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