Radiant Pokemon vs Radiant Collection Cards. What’s the Difference?

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The Pokemon TCG is constantly adding new types of cards and new collections in each expansion. In the upcoming Astral Radiance set they’re introducing Radiant Pokemon. This sounds very similar to the Radiant Collection we’ve seen in previous sets but despite having similar names, they’re very different. Here’s the difference between the old Radiant Collections and the new Radiant Pokemon in Astral Radiance.

Radiant Collection

Radiant Collection card

Radiant Collection cards were introduced in the Black and White Legendary Treasures set and was also featured in the XY Generations set later. What made these collections of cards special was the art. The illustrations are known to be cute and sparkly. Not only does the art resemble alternate art cards, but the holographic print on each of these cards were unique! Some feature stars, hearts, energy symbols, and even Pokemon silhouettes. It’s some of the most unique art you’ll see in Pokemon cards.

Radiant Pokemon

Radiant Pokemon card

In the new Pokemon TCG set, Astral Radiance, we see Radiant Pokemon. Immediately you’ll notice that these Radiant Pokemon are shiny! For example, this Greninja is black instead of it’s normal blue color because it’s a shiny variant. The holographic print on the Radiant Pokemon cards we’ve seen so far are the same. The art may look cool but not cute. It doesn’t resemble what we’ve seen with previous radiant collections. But we don’t get shiny Pokemon cards too often so this new set will likely be very sought after by fans for a long time. And we still haven’t seen full art Radiant Pokemon. Get them while they’re still in stock!

Radiant Pokemon Mechanic

These Radiant Pokemon cards from Astral Radiance will also effect the Pokemon Trading Card Game and how it’s played. These cards have particularly powerful abilities and moves. Players may not have duplicate copies of these cards in their deck.

Preorder Astral Radiance

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