Will There Be A New Type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet new light type

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Type Theory

With the trailer of the upcoming Pokemon games, Scarlet & Violet, theories about what’s to come in Gen 9 are running wild. One of those fan theories include a new type of Pokemon! Light type, opposite of Dark type. This is something that has been speculated for a very long time in the Pokemon franchise but never came to be. Now we have information that could hint at a new type being introduced in Gen 9.

Light Type Theory

One of the major hints at a new type are stars. Stars have become a main focus in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and even are being introduced in the Pokemon TCG lately. The new VSTAR card has been introduced suspiciously close to Gen 9’s release. We also see Star icons in logos for the new games. We’re not sure how a Light type Pokemon would fit into the balanced mix of other types but it would be the obvious counter to Dark type. There’s also information leading fans to believe this info hints toward other game mechanics outside of a new type.

No New Type Theory

An argument against this theory is Fairy Type. In Gen 6 a new type of Pokemon was added called Fairy Type that is used as a counter to Dark type and Dragon type. This means Fairy type can be seen as Light type already and there’s no use in adding another one. Unless they replace Fairy type completely because most new sets don’t recognize Fairy type anymore, we probably won’t see a Light type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s more likely that we see a new gimmick in the game that is related to light or stars. There have been several hints that point toward this conclusion.

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