Is Grading Pokemon Cards Worth It?

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Is It Worth Grading Pokemon Cards?

Grading Pokemon cards has become increasingly popular over the years. So much so that grading prices have more than doubled just over the past 2 years. But why does everyone keep grading their Pokemon cards and is it worth it? What Pokemon cards are worth getting graded? It mostly depends on the age of the card. Grading vintage Pokemon cards is very different from grading modern cards. Here’s why.

Old Pokemon Cards

Vintage Pokemon cards can be worth a lot of money, especially the rare ones. Even some common cards from 1999 are worth more than modern holographic cards. When you grade a card, you’re increasing the cards value because it’s authenticated and the condition has been assessed professionally. Not only do you know it’s real but it’s in good condition. 20 years ago most kids would play with these cards without thinking about the damage it’s doing. This is why old cards in good condition are so rare. Grading old cards can not only be profitable but a great way of preserving their condition.

New Pokemon Cards

The main difference between grading an old card and a new one is most modern cards are already in good condition. If you buy a Pokemon card from 2021, you’re expecting it to have no scratches or damage. When you buy a loose Pokemon card from 2001, you should expect some wear from the 20+ years of being moved around. But this doesn’t mean all modern cards are PSA 10. The main thing graders look for in new cards are manufacturing defects. Even a card in great condition with no damage can get a grade of 8/10 or lower if it’s not cut properly or off center. So a PSA 10 modern card is still rare but easier to come by than older cards. If you’re grading modern cards you should take a close look to see if any manufacturing errors or damage is present and keep your expectations low if you’re looking to make money.

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