How Does Fuecoco Fit in the Fire Type Zodiac Theory?

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For generations in the Pokemon franchise, it’s been believed by the community that all of the fire type starter Pokemon were following a specific real world trend. The Chinese Zodiac Lunar Calendar. This calendar assigns various animals to each year and all Fire type Pokemon have mostly fit into this Zodiac pattern until now. Does Fuecoco fit into the Zodiac Theory?


Fuecoco is the newest Fire type starter Pokemon that was announced in the trailer for the upcoming game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This is the 9th generation of Pokemon games and has created discussions about the future of Pokemon gameplay, since Pokemon Legends Arceus changed the game so much. Another largely debated topic is what will Fuecoco evolve into? An ox? A snake?

Zodiac Fire Type Theory

The chart below shows how each Fire type Pokemon fits into the Zodiac calendar. With this comparison, if this theory is correct, Fuecoco has three options for it’s final evolution.

  • Ox
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Sheep
Image from u/PatIsLit on Reddit

Obviously out of the four options Ox or Snake are the most likely choices for a Fuecoco evolution. If I had to guess, it would be an Ox but other fans say this starter looks like a reptile and will evolve into a snake-like crocodile. Others say none of the above and they may be correct. If we take a closer look at this Pokemon Zodiac chart, we see that there are some starter Pokemon that don’t fit 100%. For example, Fennekin is more of a fox-like Pokemon than a dog. Charmander or Charizard isn’t technically dragon type. And is Cyndaquil really a rat? The problem is they do vaguely fit into this chart but it’s never been confirmed. Right now, all we can do is give it our best guess and say Fuecoco definitely has potential to fit into this theory, we’ll just have to see what the Pokemon’s designers decide to do. What do you think Fuecoco will evolve into?

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