Best Pokemon Sun and Moon Booster Packs To Buy

PokePatch Pokemon TCG top 5 sun and moon sets

Top 5 Sun and Moon TCG Sets

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right around the corner, fans are looking at the past sets and wondering what to buy while they still can. Most people are looking at Sword and Shield sets but it’s better to look at Sun and Moon. Most, if not all, Sun & Moon TCG sets will likely stop being reprinted once Gen 9 starts. For this reason all Sun and Moon sets are expected to raise in price over the years and right now might be the best time to get them if you haven’t already. Here are the best Sun and Moon sets to buy!

1. Cosmic Eclipse

This set includes some amazing looking tag team cards and trainer gallery art. The art in this set is on another level! With it being released near the end of the Sun and Moon generation, it’s affordable. At the same time, with it being in such high demand, it’s still more expensive than others on this list. Expect the price for Cosmic Eclipse packs to fluctuate a lot since more packs are surfacing in certain products but people are rushing to buy them up as fast as possible.

  • ~$11 per booster pack

2. Burning Shadows

Sun and Moon Burning Shadows booster pack

Burning Shadows deserves a place on this list just because of the Charizard GX and Gardevoir GX cards in the set. These chase cards were very popular from day 1 and we continue to see fans trying to open this set because of these chase cards. This set has several other colorful full art cards but the set list is a little small.

  • ~$9 per booster pack

3. Team Up

Sun and Moon team up booster pack

Team Up is the set that introduced Tag Team Pokemon cards, which are very unique. These cards feature two Pokemon on the same card. These types of cards are a hit or miss for most fans. If it’s a hit for you, this set is a must have! It’s well known for it’s Latios & Latias tag team cards but there are many others in this set with amazing Tag Team art.

~$20 per booster pack

4. Guardians Rising

Sun and Moon guardians rising booster pack

This set has a good variety of full art cards for Pokemon that don’t get enough love such as Wishiwashi and Tapu Lele. The most popular cards in Guardians Rising are the multiple Alolan Ninetales and Sylveon cards. If you like either of those Pokemon, this is definetly a set to look into.

  • ~$9 per booster pack

5. Sun and Moon Base Set

Sun and Moon base set booster pack

This was the first Sun and Moon TCG set to release. The set list may be small but there are great cards to pull! The colors on the variety of GX cards in this set make them stand out. While they’re not super rare or expensive, if you’re looking for a fun set to open while not breaking the bank this is the set to go for!

  • ~$4 per booster pack

Bonus: Hidden Fates

Hidden Fates booster pack

Hidden Fates isn’t technically apart of the Sun and Moon expansions list. Hidden Fates was a stand alone special set but it came out during the Sun and Moon era. It also happens to be one of the most popular sets during that time. For that reason alone, it deserves a place on this list. If you’re looking to buy booster packs or cards from the Sun and Moon generation, Hidden Fates is a great option. It includes TONS of Shiny Pokemon GX cards that we can’t get enough of. Shiny Pokemon cards don’t come by often so these are good to buy while the price is still low.

  • ~$15 per booster pack

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