Evolving Skies, Cosmic Eclipse, & More Restocked

PokePatch Pokemon TCG cosmic eclipse and evolving skies reprint

Fans of the Pokemon TCG are currently waiting on the upcoming Astral Radiance set to release next month. With this down time, many collectors are going back to past sets to finish up collections and open packs. There are some sets that we see in stock all the time but they’re not usually what fans really want. Luckily, we’re starting to see some of those high demand sets come back.

Evolving Skies Restock

Sightings of Evolving Skies blister packs in stores have become more frequent! This is something fans have been waiting for for a while. Evolving Skies didn’t start as one of the best Sword and Shield sets when it first released but with how many chase cards are in it and how scarce they’ve become, it’s become incredibly hard to find any in stock. We haven’t seen Evolving Skies ETBs or other boxes in stock for a while but hopefully now that we’re seeing more singles on shelves, we’ll soon see more Evolving Skies products in stock later this year. It seems like the wave we’ve seen isn’t huge but we’re sure one will come soon.

Cosmic Eclipse Restock

Compared to all the other Sun and Moon sets, besides the base set, Cosmic Eclipse seems to be getting special treatment as we’ve seen it in several products recently released. From mini tins to Pokeballs and now the new Arceus figure boxes, Cosmic Eclipse has stuck around and fans are thankful. They were very hard to come by before and now they’re in official products again! Being one of the best Sun and Moon sets, this is great news for all collectors.

Vivid Voltage Restock & Shining Fates Restock

If you’ve been looking at what’s on the shelves lately, you may have noticed there’s a lot of Vivid Voltage ETBs and Shining Fates boxes in stock. We suspect that this may be the last big restock or reprint for both of these products. With Sword and Shield coming to an end and Scarlet and Violet starting next year, The Pokemon Company probably wont keep these around for long. Shining Fates is considered a special set, similar to Hidden Fates and the last big restock for that was only a year after it released. Shining Fates is already coming up on that time so buy them now while you can!

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