Pull Rates For Dollar Store 3 Card Pokemon Packs

PokePatch Pokemon TCG 3 card pack pull rates

Older packs are becoming more and more scarce and expensive. Right now, a single Evolutions booster pack goes for about $20. If you want to open multiple of these packs, it can get expensive really quick. Luckily there’s a cheaper option. At certain dollar stores, you can find mini booster packs that only have 3 cards in them. They usually retail for a dollar but since Evolutions isn’t being printed anymore the current value is about $8. That’s less than half of the price of a normal booster pack. Even with this major price decrease, are these 3 card packs worth it?

Pokemon 3 Card Pack Pull Rates

The pull rates on these 3 card packs seem to be pretty random. Some collectors have reported getting secret rare cards just from a few packs but there are others that open dozens and get close to nothing. The best we can go off of is mass openings from YouTubers. A couple years back, Leonhart opened a case of Unbroken Bonds 3 card packs. Out of a total of 96 packs, he pulled 20 reverse holo cards, 4 rare holos, and 3 rare holo GX cards. The normal pulls rates for Unbroken Bonds state that you should get a Rare Holo GX every 10 packs on average. This lines up pretty well if 3 card packs cost 3x less than normal boosters, then you should expect about 3x less pulls.

Unbroken Bonds 3 card pack Pull Rates

  • Reverse Holo 1:5
  • Rare Holo 1:24
  • Rare Holo GX 1:32

Are Pokemon 3 Card Packs Worth It?

If you’re looking to open a lot of booster packs for cheap just to have fun, then these are definitely worth it. You never know what you’re gonna get. At the same time, you risk not getting anything. Normal booster packs have some guarantee that you’ll get something. Especially if you’re opening something like a booster box or ETB because they can’t be weighed by the seller. The best video for seeing what I mean is PokeRev’s video on YouTuber where they open multiple cases of these 3 card boosters and rarely pull good cards. In an entire set of Cosmic Eclipse they get 4 reverse holos and 1 secret rare. That’s 1 rare card out of 96 packs, which is something that would never happen with normal booster packs. This leads me to believe they’ve been weighed, which is something that’s sadly done a lot with these small booster packs. Since they weigh less, it’s easier to determine if it has a heavy card in it or not. Keep your expectations in check when opening these packs because you may get scammed.

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