Why Pokemon TCG Quality Control Is About To Get Better

PokePatch Pokemon TCG better quality control

Pokemon TCG Quality Control Is About To Get Better. According to PokeBeach, The Pokemon Company is considering buying Millennium Print Group. This printing company is the one that Pokemon has been partnered with for years to print English booster pack sets for the Pokemon TCG. This acquisition would allow The Pokemon Company to have more control of the operations and could change a lot more than you’d expect. Here’s what changes are possible if The Pokemon Company buys Millennium Print Group.

Pokemon TCG Quality Control

Pokemon cards have grown rapidly in popularity the past couple years. Pokemon has secured it position, once again, as the best trading card game out there. At the time time it’s become infamous for the amount of damaged cards that get put into packs. Every new set that comes out nowadays, we see tons of fans sharing the damaged and error cards they found. There are tons of collectors that like these cards but for the average enjoyer you don’t want to pull a really rare chase card only for it to be damaged or crimped. The Pokemon Company having more say in what Millenium Print Group does would allow them to reduce the amount of damaged product going out to consumers.

Pokemon TCG Security

It’s also been speculated by fans that this change will improve security for the manufacturer. Leaks have become a normal thing when it comes to upcoming Pokemon TCG sets. A lot of things start as rumors but there have been plenty of times we see photos of unreleased cards or pack art. Though, this is sometimes from promotional material we suspect it could be people working with the cards directly as well. If this is the case, The Pokemon Company might want to crack down on how tight there operations are so no more leaks happen. This will keep customers surprised when new sets are announced.

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