How to Find Accurate Pokemon Card Prices

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Whether you’ve been collecting Pokemon cards since the 90s or you just started this year, you may have thought about selling some at some point. A common and reasonable question is how much are my Pokemon Cards worth? When selling a Pokemon card, it’s important to think about yourself and the seller. You want the most out of your collection while the seller still wants a fair deal. Here’s how to find correct prices for Pokemon Cards.

Slabs and Sealed Prices

There are a lot of things listed on eBay and can be confusing to use at first but if you get used to it it’s one of the best sources for finding prices of trading cards in general. This goes especially for graded cards (slabs) and sealed packs or boxes. Just search what product you’re looking to sell, select ‘sold’ and see what that product has recently sold for. You can see this by sorting the results to ‘ended recently’ at the top right. This doesn’t give you an exact number but will show you roughly how much people are willing to pay for that product. You can list on the higher side if you’re looking to get more out of it or list a lower price if you’re just trying to get rid of it quickly.

PokePatch Pokemon card prices ebay

Single Card Prices

Single card prices can fluctuate a little on platforms like eBay. TCG Player is one of the most reliable sources for directly seeing prices of individual cards. Here you can see prices for each condition. From Heavily Played to Mint condition. If you decide to buy or sell cards here remember that these aren’t graded by professionals so it’s more of a subjective opinion for what the card’s condition is.

PokePatch Pokemon card prices tcg player

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