Free Promo Card Coming To GameStop For Astral Radiance

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance Gamestop promo card
Gamestop tylphosion

A new GameStop exclusive promo card will be coming on May 27th which is also the release date for the Astral Radiance set. This upcoming set not only includes new Hisuian Pokemon cards but also introduces new Radiant Pokemon. Radiant Pokemon cards will feature shiny Pokemon with special abilities in the TCG. According to PokeBeach, the promo card will likely look like the Hisuian Typhlosion card from the Time Gazer and Space Juggler Japanese TCG sets.

The previous most recent GameStop promo was a Duraludon that came out with the Evolving Skies set. This featured a red GameStop stamp on the bottom right corner of the art which makes it more unique compared to other promo cards. The new Hisuian Typhlosion promo will likely have this stamp as well.

How to get a Free GameStop Promo Card

All you have to do is go to your local GameStop and make a purchase that is $15 or more of Pokemon TCG merchandise. This promotion starts May 27th, 2022. You may want to ask if they have any left before making the purchase just to be sure you can get one. We’re unsure how many they’ll have at each location or how fast each store will run out of supply.

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