When Will Pokemon Black and White Remake Come Out?

PokePatch Pokemon TCG black and white remake

Pokemon fans have enjoyed a surplus of Pokemon games and content the past year with Legends Arceus, BDSP, and Unite all releasing within 12 months. After all of this, players are still left wanting more as always. We will soon be getting the new Gen 9 Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet but nostalgia lovers still want the older games back. There has been talk about what Pokemon game will be remade next.

What Will Be The Next Pokemon Remake?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was the most recent game to be remade. This received mixed reviews with the art style being something players aren’t used to and certain features missing from the game. These features got added in future patches and people overall enjoyed the game but it mostly served as an introduction to Pokemon Legends Arceus. If The Pokemon Company keeps remaking Pokemon games in the order they were released, we should see the Pokemon Black and White remake release next.

When Will The Next Pokemon Remake Come Out?

There is somewhat of a pattern when it comes to release dates for Pokemon titles. Pokemon BDSP came out 2 years after Sword and Shield. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes came out 1 year after XY. The thing all of these games have in common is they came out in November. The Pokemon Black and White Remake Release Date should also be November, after the release of Scarlet and Violet. Assuming they’re saving the year 2023 for Scarlet and Violet DLC, we can expect the Pokemon Black and White remake release date to be around November of 2024. This is quite a ways away but there will be plenty of other Pokemon related content to explore until then, especially with the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games coming out. We may also get another Pokemon Legends game related to Black and White so hopefully it will be worth the wait. This is all just a theory based on past release dates but it’s the most likely outcome.

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