Top 300 Entries Revealed in Pokemon Illustration Contest 2022

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Illustrator contest top 300

Near the end of last year, The Pokemon Company announced they were hosting a contest for fans to submit their own illustrations of Pokemon. The winner of this competition will have their art put onto a Pokemon card and a $5,000 cash prize. Even if you don’t make first place, the top 15 drawings will also be rewarded in various ways. Since then, the contest deadline has ended and judges have started the process of choosing who should win. A total of 10,830 entries were submitted. The judges have now narrowed these entries down to their top 300 picks. With the amount of entries they’ve had to go through, it took them a while to choose their favorites and it probably wasn’t an easy task. Choosing an ultimate winner out of these 300 amazing pieces of art is almost impossible with how unique each illustration looks but it must be done. With this in mind, it might take a while for the judges to come to an agreement on a single winner.

Here are some of my personal favorites out of the bunch.

Entry by Melissa Pierce
Entry by UMiUSHi
Entry by RossDraws

These pieces alone are unique and look amazing but there are dozens of stunning looking entries by several artists. I recommend taking a look at the top 300 entries just to see the creative energy put into these Pokemon and what could be everyone’s next chase card! Whos entry is your favorite?

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