Where Vivid Voltage ETBs Are Getting Restocked

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Vivid Voltage ETB restock

Vivid Voltage is an amazing set in the Pokemon TCG. It includes unique amazing rares and the ultimate VMAX Pikachu that everyone wants. You can find single booster packs in stock pretty often but the last time we saw Vivid Voltage Elite Trainer Boxes on shelves was more than a year ago now. With Scarlet and Violet base set likely coming out next year, this may be the last time we see them restocked. Luckily there should be plenty to go around, you just have to catch them while they’re here! Here’s where Vivid Voltage ETBs may be restocked as of April 2022.

Where To Buy Vivid Voltage ETBs

A lot of people are reporting on Twitter that they’re finding several Vivid Voltage ETBs in Walmart. The bad thing about this is their website is rarely up to date with stock on Pokemon cards. If you want to check, you’ll have to drive to your local Walmart and see if they have them in stock.

Another great option is GameStop. They may get less allocation than Walmart, though. Luckily, their website is usually up to date and you can check stock updates online, without driving to the store. By using GameStop, you also will be supporting PokePatch as we make commission on qualifying purchases. Thank you for helping our website stay up!

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