All Easter Eggs in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer easter eggs

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was announced as the 9th Generation Pokemon game coming to switch. Along with this announcement came a trailer detailing a few things we can expect in this upcoming game but most of the information was hidden and left for fans to find out for themselves. This trailer is jam packed with so many hints and hidden details that some are still being discovered more than a month later. Here are some secrets you may have missed in the new trailer.

Hidden Eyes

At the end of the trailer, when the logos are displayed you can faintly see two eyes. Upon closer inspection, it seems the two eyes are different from one another. They also don’t look human at all. They both look more like reptilian eyes or even cat-like than human. This suggests that these eyes belong to new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Perhaps we’ll find that these eyes are hints to the box legendaries. There’s a theory going around that the Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will either be able to see in infrared or ultraviolet light. This leaves options like snakes and cats on the table, which matches these eyes perfectly.

Spain Map

One of the first things noticed by fans when the trailer came out was the map on the wall. There’s clearly a map of Spain in the trailer and most of the decor we see in game footage looks Spanish as well. This leads us to believe the Gen 9 region takes place in Spain.

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet spain map trailer

Spider Logo

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer we also see a spider symbol draped over a piece of furniture. This could represent opposing new team or a new Pokemon. A new team is always introduced in mainline Pokemon games and serves to be the main enemy of the game. If it represents or hints at a new Pokemon, it could be a new legendary since spiders have a connection to UV light.

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer spider symbol

Pokemon Center

Poke Centers have also been noticed in the new trailer but not where we would expect them. Pokemon centers are used to heal up your Pokemon, trade items, etc. But these are usually found in the middle of towns. In Scarlet and Violet we can see Poke Centers that look like gas stations outside of towns. This change would allow players to rest their Pokemon quickly without going into a town or village like in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This is one of many features from Pokemon Legends Arceus players want to see stick around.

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer pokecenter

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