Theories for Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

PokePatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendary theory

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries

The first official trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been out for more than a month now. Not much was shown in the initial trailer but that doesn’t stop fans from digging deep into the information that we have. There are still theories being made about the game daily even a month later. One of the most discussed topics is what will the legendaries look like in Gen 9? Here’s what we know so far.

Pokemon Scarlet Legendary Theory

Scarlet is associated with infrared. With this in mind, it’s likely the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet will have something to do with infrared light. Snakes are well known for being able to see in infrared light and would make for a great legendary.

Pokemon Violet Legendary Theory

Violet has been associated with ultraviolet. Again, this means we’ll likely see a Legendary Pokemon that has something to do with ultraviolet light. A common theory has been that Violet’s legendary Pokemon will be a spider because some spiders glow under UV light. We also see some type of spider web symbol in the trailer which could be a hint to a legendary Pokemon or something else. Though, this is a popular theory there are others as well. A great theory is that the Pokemon Violet Legendary will be a cat. This is because it’s believed that cats can see in the ultraviolet light spectrum. This is the same light that gives cats the ability to see in the dark.

spider web icon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer

Scarlet and Violet Hidden Eyes in Trailer

The most convincing piece of evidence towards these theories is a small detail that was recently noticed in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer and was reported by SoulSilverArt on Twitter. At the very end of the trailer, while the logos are being shown a light flashes over the logo, creating a lens flare. Inside this lens flare you can clearly see a pair of eyes. It looks a little too perfect to be a coincidence. These eyes look like cat eyes or maybe reptilian. This perfectly fits with the predictions that the legendries could be a snake or a cat. Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see but maybe there will be more clues and hints we find soon!

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