Astral Radiance Pull Rates Are Surprisingly Good in New Pokemon TCG Set!

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance Pull Rates

Astral Radiance Pull Rates

The newest Pokemon TCG set, Astral Radiance, comes out this month and fans everywhere are looking forward to opening some packs. Luckily for us we can see a glimpse of what the pull rates will look like before the set releases on May 27th. Not only are prerelease boxes being sold in stores that have 4 booster packs in each box, but YouTubers and content creators are getting early access to this set. Plenty of videos have already been released of PokeTubers opening hundreds of booster packs. We went through a bunch of these videos and crunched the numbers to get the early Astral Radiance pull rates and they’re looking really good so far! The chart below depicts what pulls came out of 135 packs total. Here’s what to expect when opening Astral Radiance packs.

Holo Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
Regular Rare 1:2 (1 out of 2 packs) 57.78% per pack
Holo Rare 1:6 16.30%
V 1:7 14.07%
Secret Rare 1:22 4.44%
VSTAR 1:27 3.70%
VMAX 1:67 1.48%
Trainer 1:67 1.48%
Alternate Art 1:135 0.74%

Reverse Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
Trainer Gallery 1:9 11.11%
Radiant Pokemon 1:12 8.15%

Looking at these charts, we can clearly see that you’ll get a Holo Rare card or better about 43% of the time! This means if you open 2 packs, you’ll likely pull something better than a Regular Rare card. Not only are V cards pretty common but VSTAR and Secret Rares seem to be 3x more common in Astral Radiance compared to Brilliant Stars pull rates. The combination of good pull rates and great art in this set makes opening Astral Radiance worth it!

Where To Buy Astral Radiance Packs

One of the best places to buy Astral Radiance packs is GameStop. Not only will you be getting them from a trusted source for a good price, PokePatch earns commission from some orders, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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