Are Pokemon GO TCG Pull Rates That Bad?

Pokepatch Pokemon Go TCG pull rates

The long awaited new Pokemon GO TCG set is out! There are many fans chasing cards such as the Radiant Charizard and Alternate Art Mewtwo but many people are reporting that their chase cards are difficult to pull. YouTubers by the name of Derium’s Pokemon uploaded a great video of them opening 500 Pokemon GO booster packs! This video shows pretty well what to expect when opening Pokemon GO packs. Are Pokemon GO pull rates bad? We crunched the numbers from Derium’s video and our own packs, here you can see Pokemon GO TCG odds.

Pokemon GO Pull Rates Chart

Holo Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
V 1:6 (1 out of 6 packs) 16% chance per pack
VSTAR 1:21 4.6%
Full Art V 1:31 3.2%
Secret Rare 1:35 2.8%
VMAX 1:62 1.6%
Alt Art 1:166 0.6%
Trainer 1:250 0.4%

Reverse Slot Rares

Card Type Ratio Percent Chance
Peelable Ditto 1:33 3%
Radiant Venusaur 1:45 2.2%
Radiant Blastoise 1:71 1.4%
Radiant Charizard 1:100 1%

Odds Compared to Previous Set

These pull rates show that cards such as the new peelable ditto card and all Radiant Pokemon cards in the set are more difficult to pull than previously expected. Especially the peelable Ditto pull rate as it’s almost as rare as the Secret Rare pull rate in this set. It’s a very unique card and a huge chase card for many fans opening these packs, so it’s not surprising that it’s rarer than your usual reverse holo. You have a 4.6% chance of pulling one of the Radiant Pokemon cards from this set, which is almost half the odds from Astral Radiance. The odds of pulling most other types of cards haven’t changed drastically and is actually really similar to the previous Astral Radiance TCG set.

Is the Pokemon GO Set Worth It?

This set is great for fans of the Pokemon GO mobile game and TCG collectors alike. Although, the pull rates may not be great, there is great art displayed all throughout the set list. This is a very special set that Pokemon GO players have been waiting years for and we may not see a similar set of Pokemon cards ever again. For this reason, it’s also a really good set to hold on to long term if you’re someone who collects sealed products. It’s one that people will remember for a long time.

Where to Buy Pokemon GO Packs

If you’re looking to buy Pokemon GO booster packs, one of the best places to get Pokemon cards from is GameStop! Not only will you be getting them from a reliable source for a good price, but PokePatch earns a commision on qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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