What are Pokemon GO TCG Codes & How to Redeem Them

Pokepatch Pokemon GO TCG code redeem

The new, long awaited Pokemon GO TCG set is out and fans all around are buying up products and finding codes that are usable in the Pokemon GO mobile game. When redeemed, these codes give you free items in the Pokemon GO game. What exactly do you get for using these codes and where do you redeem them?

What Do You Get?

Upon redeeming your Pokemon GO codes, you’ll get a set of common items or a rare item. The common items are new stickers that you can gift to friends, along with berries, potions, and TMs. If you’re lucky, you can also get rare items which are incubators for hatching eggs or a set of avatar items. This image below shows the possible combinations of items that you’ll receive when redeeming these codes.

Redeeming these codes can be a little confusing at first because it’s not a feature that’s often used in-game. It’s also different depending on what device you’re using. Here’s how to redeem Pokemon GO codes from Pokemon GO TCG boxes.

How to Claim Pokemon GO codes

Claim Codes on Android

  1. Tap the Pokeball Main Menu button
  2. Tap the Shop button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Shop
  4. Enter your code under “Promos

Claim Codes on iOS / iPhone

  1. Go to the Niantic “Redeem offers” website
  2. Sign in to your Pokemon GO account
  3. Enter your promo code

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