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Pokepatch Pokemon GO Alt Art cards

What are Alt Art Cards?

Alternate Full Art cards, Alt Art for short, are like other rare or ultra-rare cards with art the deviates from the normal theme. Usually, a set will be consistent with the art style it uses and cards such as V and VMAX don’t add much background art to the illustrations. Alt art cards add a lot of detail to Pokemon and the background environment. On top of having amazing art, they’re also usually very rare, making them some of the most expensive cards you can get from modern sets of Pokemon cards.

Pokemon GO Alt Art Cards

There are only 2 Pokemon GO Alt Arts. Recently, sets have been containing 4 or more Alt Art cards so this set is on the low end if you’re just looking for alternate art but it still has some great cards to offer. Here are all Pokemon GO Alt Arts.

Mewtwo V Alt Art

As of writing this, the Alternate Art Mewtwo V is the most expensive card in the Pokemon GO set. What makes it the most valuable card is a combination of popularity and rarity. It’s not the rarest card according to the pull rates but it is a huge chase card for many fans because Mewtwo is a popular Pokemon and the art looks amazing!

Conkeldurr V Alt Art

Conkeldurr V alt art

The second and final alt art card in the Pokemon Go set list is this Conkeldurr V Alternate Full Art. The art gives Sword and Shield vibes featuring the Pokemon in the middle of a giant stadium but sticks to the Pokemon GO art style that we see throughout the set. This card isn’t super valuable in terms of money but is still very rare and definitely a great pull if you’re lucky enough to get it.

Which chase card is your favorite from the Pokemon GO TCG set? Let us know in the comments below!

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