Why You See Pokemon Cards Stocked Everywhere Now

Pokepatch Pokemon in stock

Demand for Pokemon Cards

If you’ve bought any Pokemon cards in the past couple years, you may have noticed they’re hard to come by. Store shelves were quickly wiped clean as soon as they’re stocked by people all over the world trying to get into the hype of Pokemon cards. This high demand has attracted scalpers, which are people who aren’t fans of the hobby, but people trying to make a quick buck by buying out stock and reselling the product at extreme mark ups for profit. The Pokemon Company has been hard at work to combat these scalpers and to satisfy the high demand for its products this year. Here’s how they fixed Pokemon cards being out of stock.

Stocked Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Company have helped this issue by printing more Pokemon cards for allocation than ever before at 9 billion cards in a year in 2021. That’s more than double the amount of Pokemon cards they made the previous year. This influx of new Pokemon cards has helped shelves stay stocked for longer. This doesn’t stop older vintage Pokemon cards from skyrocketing in price because those are no longer being printed and never will be again. The only cards being printed are modern sets from the current generation of Pokemon. This overprinting of cards really helps anyone trying to buy these modern sets of cards. This has helped heal the hobby as a whole by making new Pokemon sets more available than they have been since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. While rare cards will still be expensive, booster packs won’t be as hard to come by and everyone can enjoy opening packs again!

Pokemon Cards from GameStop

If you’re looking to buy Pokemon cards, a great place to get them from is GameStop. Not only will you be getting them from a trusted source for a good price, but PokePatch also earns commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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