How to Get Special Delivery Charizard Promo Pokemon Card

Pokepatch Pokemon Special Delivery Charizard

Similar to the Special Delivery Pikachu promo card, the new Special Delivery Charizard is a special card to celebrate a Pokemon Center milestone. The Special Delivery Pikachu was available to some Pokemon Center customers who spent more than $20 on the website. The card now has a resale value of about $150. Since this became a very rare and popular card, talk about the Special Delivery Charizard promo card has been floating around for almost 2 years now. It’s finally been announced that this long-awaited black star promo card will be available through the Pokemon Center soon but not just anyone can get one. Here’s how you can get one yourself!

Where to Get Special Delivery Charizard

To get your hands on a Special Delivery Charizard you’ll need to act fast, as they’re only available while supplies last. On the official Pokemon Center website, a sign-up page has been released for this Special Delivery Charizard promotion. Enter your information there for the chance to receive a one-time code. Once you’ve entered your info, you’ll get a confirmation email. If you were among the first people to sign up, you’ll get another email within 12 weeks with a code. This one-time code can be used on the Pokemon Center for orders above $20 to receive a Special Delivery Charizard card bonus with your order!

This card is only available to fans in the US, UK, and Canada. Codes will expire December 31st, 2022.

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