What is a Bad Egg in Pokemon

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What is A Pokemon Bad Egg Glitch?

Bad Eggs are an item in Pokemon that appear when a Pokemon’s data becomes corrupt. This usually happens when a player tries to hack or cheat in the game by editing any data in a Pokemon. The really bad thing about Bad Eggs is sometimes these glitched items can spread and corrupt other parts of your game. For example, if you have a bad egg, other Pokemon near it in your bag or party can also become bad eggs. Worst of all, if too much data becomes corrupt, it can cause your game to crash and become completely unplayable in some cases. Eggs in Pokemon are known to hatch but if a Bad Egg hatches, it’ll just become another Bad Egg.

Pokemon Bad Egg Fix

Fixing a bad egg in Pokemon isn’t impossible but extremely difficult. A video by YouTuber Nick Robinson shows the incredibly long process they went through to recover a single Pokemon from this bug. There’s no step by step guide to fixing or recovering a Pokemon from a bad egg because corrupt data is never consistent. Essentially, you’ll have to find that Pokemon’s personality data and make sure all of its values match that unique personality. Because this glitch is so complicated, it’s usually better to cut your losses and try to get rid of the bad egg or delete your save file.

Pokemon Bad Egg Removal

Usually, bad eggs can’t be released in Pokemon so people have to get creative and think of different ways to get rid of these glitched Pokemon. The most common way of removing a bad egg is to trade it to another account and deleting that save file. There are also ways of removing a bad egg through cheating, but obviously that’s not recommended as it might create more problems than it fixes.

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