New Nabisco Pokemon Snacks and Sweepstakes for Back to School Promotion

Pokepatch new Pokemon snacks nabisco

All New Pokemon Snacks

If you remember about a year ago, Nabisco and Pokemon teamed up to make Pokemon themed Oreos, which featured different Pokemon designs on each Oreo. That product gained a lot of hype because fans were buying up Pokemon Oreos to find the rare Mew Oreo. Nabisco and Pokemon have teamed up again to make more Pokemon themed snacks but it’s a little different this time around. There are Pokemon Oreo minis, Pokemon mini Chips Ahoy, Pokemon mini Nilla wafers, and Pokemon Ritz bits. This year there are more snacks in the lineup other than just Oreos, but it seems like it’s just the packaging that is Pokemon themed and not the cookies and snacks themselves. For this reason, there probably won’t be as much hype around these products as the previous Pokemon Oreos but other than cool looking packaging, they’re also running a Pokemon sweepstakes!

How to Enter Sweepstakes and Win Prizes

In total, they’re giving away about $13,705 in prizes to more than 500 winners. With their “Instant Win Game”, you can enter to win a Pokemon TCG Battle Academy box game and be entered to win the grand prize, which comes with a bunch of different Pokemon related goodies. To enter the sweepstakes, go to, enter your email and other required information, then click register. You’ll then see if you won a Battle Academy box and be able to explore and play other activities on the website.

What is the Grand Prize?

The grand prize in this giveaway can be found in the official rules which states that it contains all of the following.

  • 2 Playmats
  • 10 Battle Decks
  • 2 Figure Boxes
  • 4 VSTAR Premium Collections
  • 20 Sword & Shield Booster Boxes
  • 2 Spring 2022 Collector Bundles
  • 2 Sword and Shield Elite Trainer Boxes
  • 7 Posters
  • 3 Wall Graphics

With a value of about $3,705, that’s a lot of Pokemon merchandise for one person. Make sure you’re entered for a chance to win by visiting the official website here.

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