Chat and other Social Features Coming to Pokemon Go

PokePatch Pokemon Go chat features

I think all Pokemon GO players can agree that there are a lot of features Pokemon GO is missing and would be better if they were added. Luckily, one of those highly anticipated features is coming soon. Pokemon Go Live has announced that the mobile game will soon be getting multiple new social features, including the ability to chat with your friends.

Pokemon GO Chat

A chat feature is pretty important for a game where you meet up with friends or invite them to raids. A lot of players up to this point have just used other messaging apps like Discord to message their Pokemon GO friends. With this update, you’ll be able to talk to players on your friends list that you might not have any other contact with and the ones you do, you won’t have to use another app to communicate with them anymore. Niantic stated that they’ve been working on these features for a while. This means they should be fully developed and functional when it’s released. As for the release date of this chat update, there isn’t a specific day yet but it should be available within the next couple months.

Other Social Features

There’s not much word on what other social features will come along with this update but we have a hint. In the announcement they mention they’re working on solutions for players to organize local events with their community. This could mean players can create and join groups in Pokemon GO to meet new people around them.

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