Is Unite Club Membership Worth It? Pokemon Unite’s New Subscription

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite club worth it

If you’ve played Pokemon Unite, you may have noticed a decent amount of microtransactions. This is normal for free to play games and most microtransactions are purely cosmetic, so it doesn’t affect your competitive gameplay experience. If you’re someone that participates in buying Gems or other in game items, there is a new subscription just for you called Unite Club that costs $9.99 a month. What is Unite Club? Here’s a summary of what you’ll get with this new membership.

What You Get

The main thing you’ll get with the Unite Club membership is Aoes Gems. You’ll receive 40 Aoes Gems per day, which adds up to a total of ~1200 Aoes Gems per month. This many Aoes Gems would normally cost you about $20, which is double the cost of a Unite Club subscription. Here’s the full list of stuff you can get as a Unite Club Member.

  • 40 Aoes Gems per day (1200/month)
  • Green-tier Holowear every month
  • Trial Holowear every month
  • Members only Portrait Frames
  • Custom Chat Speech Bubbles
  • 10% discount on new items

Is It Worth It?

If you’re someone that spends a lot of time playing Pokemon Unite then this is something you might want to consider, especially if you’re into cosmetic items and Holowear, which you can buy with your new Aoes Gems. If you often find yourself buying Aoes Gems, this new subscription is a no brainer as you’ll get double the amount of Aoes Gems you’d usually get along with other benefits. Overall, it’s not necessary to get Unite Club because you can still play the full game without restrictions regardless. But It’s a good option for players who want to customize their Pokemon and Trainer more.

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