Pokemon GO Error and Misprint Cards from New Pokemon GO TCG Set

Pokepatch Pokemon GO error cards

The newest Pokemon TCG set is themed after the popular mobile game, Pokemon GO! Fans have been waiting for almost 6 years for a set like this to be released. Naturally, there’s a lot of hype around this set and there’s a lot of fans posting their chase cards and best pulls on social media. Some people have found error cards. Here are some interesting errors and misprints from the Pokemon GO TCG set.

Endless Ditto Cards Error

5 Ditto cards via wacko07 on Reddit

Peelable Ditto cards are a new rare type of reverse holo card in the Pokemon Go TCG set. These cards look like a normal reverse holo until you peel off the front, revealing a Ditto Pokemon card. There are multiple fans reporting that they pulled 10 peelable Ditto cards from a single ETB. The pull rates on these are certainly not 1:1, so to pull a Ditto every pack is either extremely rare or the Elite Trainer Box had some sort of error in packaging.

Front Creased Radiant Charizard Error Card

Error Radiant Charizard via rutsonedwards on Reddit

The back of this Radiant Charizard card is in great shape, while the front of the card has a bad crease on it. If both sides were creased, it would just be normal damage but since it’s just on one side it was most likely creased during the manufacturing process and considered an error. This is not an error you’d normally want to see as it just looks like damage but there are plenty of collectors who would pay more for these types of error cards.

Pokemon GO Miscut Cards

Miscut cards via ItsBlazeAlpha on Reddit

It seems like every time a new set releases, there are several people posting there miscut cards online. This has become a common theme but there are many people out there that collect these and would pay a lot more depending on how off center the card is. These cards have a good amount of the art cut off and what makes these unique is that the shape of the card is completely different as well.

Have you run into any error cards from the new Pokemon GO set? Let us know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Error and Misprint Cards from New Pokemon GO TCG Set

  1. I have a Pokémon go 028/078 rare pikachu. The back of the card has a phantom “o” on the back that is reddish/pink tinge to it. It’s directly over top of the “P” in Pokémon at the back top left of the card. Is this a recognizable or common misprint? I’ve never seen it before.

    1. I’ve seen this before on one of my WOTC cards! This error is called a printer hickey. It’s easy to overlook small errors like this but they can be worth more to error collectors.

  2. I pulled a Hollo Golisopod but this particular car the entire card including the border was hollo not just the artwork. Anyone else pull one like this? I also got a few packs that had no energy cards one of these packs had a Gold Mewtwo v Star & a radiant Blastoise

  3. I pulled 4 cards from 4 different packs of Go expansion. The front just says VMAX and the back is a black and gray background different than the typical Pokémon tcg blue backs.

    1. I pulled a Secret Rare Blanche and there are some sort of machine markings that totally ruined this card😔

    1. Holo didnt make it on the card. You can see faint ridges where they tried but nothing looks like any other card

  4. I bought a ETB at target for Pokemon Go and each booster pack had a peelable Ditto. I thought they were error cards.

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