Why Oranges and Grapes Are Seen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokepatch Pokemon scarlet vs violet grapes and oranges

The release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on November 18th is getting closer, and more trailers are releasing, showing us what’s to come. With this information comes fans swarming to find every detail they can and developing theories about what we’ll see in game. A common theme that keeps popping up all over Scarlet and Violet are fruits, specifically oranges and grapes. We see it on icons, crests, wallpaper, and sitting on the table in the very first trailer. The fact that these two things keep popping up so often has to mean something, but what?

Why Grapes and Oranges?

From what we know so far, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in Spain or Pokemon’s own fictional version of the country. A lot of things we see in this upcoming game are inspired by Spanish culture and environment and these two fruits tie in perfectly with this country as well. Two of the most famous fruit in Spain are oranges and grapes. While some say Spain’s national fruit is grapes, some say oranges are more popular. Oranges are especially famous in a city like Valencia where Valencia oranges are named after. Fans predict that these fruits are symbols of the schools’ trainers attend in this game. Oranges represent the school from Pokemon Scarlet and Grapes represent the school in Pokemon Violet. This explains why we see these logos around the region and the uniforms characters wear.

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