Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Open World?

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Free Roam

Pokemon games of the past are amazing games, but they all lack one thing: choice. Most Pokemon games are very linear as they don’t offer different paths or more voluntary exploration. The best way to achieve this is to give players the ability to go wherever they want and don’t force the player in a single direction. Pokemon games in recent years are getting better at this, with Pokemon Legends Arceus having a semi-open world experience but there’s a lot they can improve on. Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be the open world Pokemon game we’ve been waiting for?

Is It Truly Open World?

Pokemon Legends Arceus was the first example of an open world Pokemon game but there were a few places where it fell short in this category. To become a fully open world game, there has to be a way to get across the map without teleporting or loading screens. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there were many areas that were locked off until you progress in the story. Think of popular games like Skyrim, where you can walk from one end of the map to the other without having to teleport or fast travel at all right from the start. Though, fast traveling would definetly be faster, it doesn’t give you as much of an adventure experience as walking or riding a mount. This is what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is said to do. It’s not confirmed yet but seems to be what fans are expecting of this upcoming Pokemon game. With the latest trailers and screenshots showing multiple environments and vast landscapes, it seems like they’re hinting this will be more open world than any Pokemon game before it.

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