Is Pokemon TCG XY Evolutions Set Getting Reprinted or Restocked?

PokePatch TCG Pokemon XY Evolutions reprint or restock

Brilliant Stars, the most recent Pokemon TCG set that introduces a new type of card is still at its peak. Fans all over are going to stores to get their hands on this new set but some are finding more than what they’re expecting. It has been reported that people are finding XY Evolutions ETBs at multiple Walmart in the US. The XY Evolutions set was released in 2016, so how are we seeing them on shelves now? Are they getting reprinted or restocked?

XY Evolutions Restock or Reprint?

A reprint of XY Evolutions is not very likely. There have been rumors that some XY sets such as Steam Siege will be reprinted this year but with how old these sets are its hard to believe the Pokemon Company would go back to them instead of focusing on what’s current. What’s more likely is that stores found old stock that was lost and are just now distributing and restocking these Elite Trainer Boxes. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a reprint of a 5+ year old set but it’s definitely possible to still find them in stores if you’re lucky!

Where to Find XY Evolutions ETBs

Pokemon card collectors are always looking for good deals on old Pokemon cards. Naturally when people heard that others were finding XY Evolutions ETBs at Walmart, many were rushing to multiple stores to see if they could find some as well and some did. We know these tweets are likely real because we see XY ETBs sitting on shelves next to Brilliant Stars ETBs, meaning they’re not old pictures. We haven’t seen anyone reporting seeing them at other stores but we’ll be keeping a eye out for these products for a while.

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