What Are Pastures? Pokemon Legends Arceus New Storage System

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus what are pastures

Pokemon Legends Arceus comes out in just a few short days and there are still a lot of features PokePatch hasn’t covered yet. We’ll be explaining in depth a bunch of new features as we all explore the Hisui region when the game comes out. But one feature we’ve been able to get more information about through official sources are Pokemon Pastures in Legends Arceus.

What are Pastures?

Simply put, the Pasture is the new Pokemon storage system in Legends Arceus. It seems like this new Pokemon game is doing away with boxes. Pokemon boxes are in most Pokemon games and contain all Pokemon that you’ve caught but aren’t currently using in your party. In Legends Arceus you won’t have a box or PC to carry additional Pokemon. This means you’ll only be able to bring with you the 6 Pokemon that are in your party.

How do Pastures work?

Upon catching a Pokemon you will probably have the option to either put it directly in your party or sending it to the pasture. Similar to how boxes and PCs worked in previous games. Once you send a Pokemon to the pasture, you won’t be able to access it until you physically travel there. In recent Pokemon games you’ve been able to access your Pokemon storage or PC from anywhere with a feature called box link, this is no longer the case as the Hisui region takes place in a time before this technology exsisted. The official Legends Arceus website hints that certain missions require different types of Pokemon. For this reason you’ll need to choose your party wisely and leave the rest of your Pokemon in the pasture. This feature change makes missions more strategic and challenging.

Where is the Pasture?

Like many other facilities, you’ll find the pastures at the main hub of Jubilife Village. Here you’ll be able to visually see Pokemon you’ve sent to the pasture, roaming and grazing the land. Switch out Pokemon in your pasture with ones in your party while your here before you go out to do more missions. You can also access your Pokemon storage or pastures at camps located throughout Hisui that you’ve helped set up.

Expand Pastures in Legends Arceus

You can get more pastures just simply by catching more Pokemon. When your pasture is almost full, there will be more added. There is a cap to this, though. The maximum amount of pastures you can unlock is 29. Even though there is a max amount of pastures you can unlock, 29 is a lot of space and you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of space in your pasture for a long time.

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