How Legends Arceus Got Pokemon Scaling Right

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus scaling correct

The Pokemon Legends Arceus release day is just a week away and although some shipments are being delayed, the hype is only getting bigger for this new game! New game mechanics and theories are the main discussion with this title but some features are more subtle than others. One feature that’s been improved on is Pokemon scaling. Pokemon scaling is the size of a Pokemon in game. Obviously, some Pokemon should look bigger than others because they are. For example, a Dialga should be larger than a Pikachu. This is something Legends Arceus seems to have paid attention to.

Correct Pokemon Scaling in Legends Arceus

Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus are scaled really well compared to many other games. Just last year, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP) were getting criticism for having weirdly sized Pokemon. This game made gigantic Pokemon such as Giratina and Onyx be just as tall as the player or any other Pokemon, which made some battles look comical. Battles in Pokemon Legends Arceus are seamless, meaning a Pokemon’s size doesn’t change when entering a battle, which happened with previous games. Battles happen within the overworld now, and with new game mechanics including your trainer in the battle, a Pokemon’s size even more important. During battles you’ll clearly see how large Alpha and Noble Pokemon are when you’re dodging their attacks. And regular battles feel more immersive when a Gyrados isn’t the same size as a Magikarp.

Sword and Shield Pokemon Scaling

In previous games such as Sword and Shield, progress was made with scaling but there were still issues. Pokemon in the over world were scaled correctly for the most part but the problems began when you start a battle. In Sword and Shield battles, all Pokemon became scaled to the same size except for Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon. This gave the perspective of how large Dynamax Pokemon were but makes every other situation with large Pokemon look a little awkward. Sometimes it would even make big Pokemon smaller than your trainer.

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