What Are Base Camps In Pokemon Legends Arceus?

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus what are base camps

Pokemon Legends Arceus right around the corner PokePatch is still researching and covering new features in the game without any leaks. Another feature we’ve learned about through official sources are base camps. Also known as Surveying Outposts, base camps are useful locations around Hisui that act as a safepoint or checkpoint between areas and missions.

What Are Base Camps Used For?

There are several uses for Base Camps, the main one being a safe place for you and your Pokemon to be. It’s good to find nearby base camps before or after missions and survey work to ready up or cooldown.

Heal Your Pokemon

Base camps allow your Pokemon to rest, healing them in the process. Since Pokemon Centers don’t seem to be present in Pokemon Legends Arceus or the Hisui region, this will be a prominent way of healing up your party before and after battles.

Change Time of Day

At a base camp you also have the option to rest, advancing the time of day and changing it to morning, afternoon, or night. This new feature can be used to hunt down Pokemon that spawn at certain times of the day or for missions and events that require a specific time of day as well.

Crafting Items

Base camps are also fitted with a workbench for crafting. This is useful for creating Pokeballs and other items to help you in battle. Make sure to stock up on these items at base camps before you head out on your missions.

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