Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Confirms Starter Evolutions and More Secrets!

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer confirms starter evolutions and more secrets

The release of Pokemon Legends Arceus is just a couple days away and the Pokemon Channel is still releasing new trailers and information about the game that they’ve been keeping secret. The newest trailer reveals that the rumors about new Hisuian forms of each starter Pokemon’s evolution were correct! There will be new Hisuian evolution forms for Decidueye, Samurott, and Typhlosion. What these Pokemon look like is still shrouded in mystery, though. But we are able to see their silhouettes on the official website now! We’ll have to play the game to find out further details on these Pokemon when it releases. This is huge for fans and may even affect which starter they choose when playing since these new evolutions will change typing and team balancing.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

Many fans are happily surprised we’ve been shown a glimpse of new Hisuian Pokemon but there are a lot of details in this new trailer that are easily overlooked!

Unown Message

At 50 seconds in the trailer we see a strange looking stone door opening with symbols on it. Immediately after, we’re shown a bunch of Unown symbols. These symbols at first glance aren’t legible but can be translated. Each Unown Pokemon represents a letter or symbol. This message that we’re shown is translated to “Touch other lives to create”. We’re not exactly sure what this message means yet but this seems like it’s apart of a puzzle within the game. This means we should come across secrets and puzzles scattered around Hisui as we play Pokemon Legends Arceus once it comes out.

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown letters trailer Touch other lives to create

Portal Over Mount Coronet

Another detail many people have missed is 53 seconds into the trailer we see some type of dark, swirling portal over the top of the mountain, also known as Mount Coronet, with lightning. We see something similar again at the end of the trailer, this time it’s purple. Although, we haven’t seen this in any other trailers, It seems like this portal will play a big role in the story of the game as it’s becoming a primary focus closer to release. This could be apart of the reason why Pokemon across Hisui are becoming frenzied. What are your thoughts on these unexplained details?

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer portal secret

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