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A new Pokemon series set in the Hisui Region is coming soon! The latest Pokemon game on the Switch, Pokemon Legends Arceus has introduced us to this region and fans have loved it. Since then, players have explored the new region and look forward to more content and lore behind it. This new series will be a 3-episode anime series about a boy named Alec in the Hisui region who has been taught that Pokemon are very dangerous creatures and then meets a Hisuian Zorua that might change the way he thinks for good. Even though it’s a short series, many people are hyped for it and everyone’s asking where do you watch it and when will it come out?

Pokemon Hisuian Snow Release Date

The 1st episode of Hisuian Snow will come out on May 18. Release dates for episode 2 and episode 3 are not yet known but will be announced soon. We’ll keep this page up to date on when those episodes will come out and how to watch them.

Where To Watch Hisuian Snow

the first episode of Pokemon: Hisuian Snow will air exclusively on Pokemon TV and official Pokemon YouTube channel. It’s assumed that all following episodes will also be available on the same platforms for free! You can watch all the shows on PokemonTV just by going to their website or downloading the Pokemon TV app on your Nintendo Switch or preferred device.

Play Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you haven’t played Pokemon Legends Arceus and explored the Hisui Region for yourself yet, it’s highly recommended. You don’t have to play the game to know what’s going on in the show or vice versa but it’s one of the best Pokemon games we’ve seen in a while! By purchasing on GameStop using our links, we get commission and you’ll be helping the PokePatch website stay up. Thank you!

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