Fusion Strike vs Fusion Arts? What’s the Difference?

Pokepatch Pokemon Fusion Strike vs Fusion Arts

Fusion Strike is the newest set addition to the Pokémon TCG. This set has big shoes to fill coming out after the greatly anticipated, Celebrations set but has met expectations already. There’s a lot of amazing art in this Pokémon Trading Card Game addon. The set is comprised of multiple cards from Japanese sets that never made it into English packs until now.

Difference Between Fusion Strike and Fusion Arts

Obviously the first thing you’ll notice is that Fusion Strike is in English while Fusion Arts is in Japanese. Fusion Arts came out before Fusion Strike. Much of the art in Fusion Strike came from Fusion Arts but not all of it. As mentioned before, Fusion Strike has cards from multiple Japanese sets, the best example of this is the Alternate Art Vmax Espeon. This card came from the Japanese set, Eevee Heroes, while most Mew cards in Fusion Strike came from Fusion Arts. This means if you’re looking to pull that specific Espeon card, make sure you get the correct set because you won’t find that and more in Fusion Arts. Because Fusion Arts is made up of multiple previous sets, it has a lot more cards. Fusion Strike has 264 different cards, excluding secret rares, while Fusion Arts only has 100 cards, excluding secret rares.

Which Set Should I Get?

If you mainly like collecting Japanese cards, buying multiple packs from different sets like Fusion Arts and Eevee Heroes would be a good idea to get the variety of cards that Fusion Strike offers. If you collect English cards or you just want more of a variety of art then Fusion Strike is for you. You may also want to consider pull rates. Fusion Strike’s pull rates seem unforgiving compared to past TCG sets and you may find better luck getting rare cards in the Japanese sets.

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