Don’t Lose Hope! Ultra Premium Collection boxes are being Restocked for Pokémon’s TCG Celebrations Set

Pokepatch Pokemon Ultra Premium Collection Box Restocked

Celebrations Restocked

Even though, the Celebrations set in the Pokemon TCG has been out for more than a month already, there are still many fans trying to get their hands on more products from the 25th anniversary set. Luckily, the Pokemon Company knows this and planned for this situation. They are still printing and releasing several Celebrations boxes and products in waves. Wave 1 seems like it has ended but we’ve already started wave 2. People are noticing a large amount of Celebrations boxes being stocked back onto shelves on retail stores. There’s also talk about there being a 3rd wave, possibly in December of 2021. This makes sense because Celebrations had been the most promoted set we’ve seen in a while and the holiday season is starting while people are buying gifts for others. This isn’t confirmed information and there is a lot of demand for these products so while you shouldn’t give up, you should know that it still won’t be easy to get these.

Ultra Premium Collection Being Restocked

The most sought after product in the Celebrations set has been the Ultra Premium Collection box, also known as the UPC. This has sold out faster than anything because not only does everyone want it, but there has been a very limited quantity of these. Some retail locations only got just a couple of these boxes total and usually sold out within minutes of opening the store. Hopefully we’ll see more of these boxes on shelves in the next waves of releases so more people can get some. According to Tweets from @PokemonTCGDrops, there were many people that were able to order UPCs on retail websites and this might hint that they will soon by restocking the actual physical locations as well.

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