Best & Rarest Pokémon Cards to Pull in Fusion Strike

Pokepatch Pokemon Fusion Strike best rarest card pulls

Fusion Strike is the newest set in the Pokémon TCG and coming off such an amazing set like Celebrations, people are looking for what’s next. Fusion Strike offers a lot of amazing cards to pull. So much in fact, that its the largest set we’ve seen in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. There will be 284 cards and some of those will be cards that were cut from Evolving Skies and weren’t included. Fusion Strike will also be the first set we see code cards that you can claim for the upcoming online game, TCG Live. TCG Live will replace the previous online Pokémon card game, called Pokémon TCG Online. Here are some of the rarest cards we’re excited for coming out of Fusion Strike. So far it looks like Fusion Strike might have the worst pull rates we’ve seen before. This means these chase cards may be very difficult to find.

1. Full Art Vmax Mew

With Mew being the mascot of this entire set, it’s not surprising to see Mew be the most rare and most wanted chase cards. There are plenty more Pokémon in the set but Mew will be the primary focus of rare cards in Fusion Strike. It looks like this Vmax card in particular is one everyone wants. The current pull rate on this card is 1/2160 which is extremely rare.

2. Alternate Art Vmax Espeon

PokePatch Pokemon alt art espeon Fusion Strike display

Espeon is a huge chase card in Fusion Strike. This was a card originally from the Japanese set, Eevee Heroes. Fans have been waiting for an English version of this card for months and finally got it. Now that it’s here, obtaining it is proving to be difficult. The current pull rate is about 1/1440.

3. Alternate Art Vmax Gengar

PokePatch Pokemon Fusion Strike alt art vmax Gengar display

This alt art Gengar is the 3rd most difficult card to pull out of Fusion Strike right now, with a pull rate of 1/1080. Not only is it rare but it looks super cool and has become several fans’ favorite chase card.

Notable Mentions

Secret Rare Mew

The first card on the list would be the Secret Rare Rainbow Mew. In the previous set, we got a shiny, golden, secret rare Mew card. That is one of the most wanted cards out of the Celebrations set. Now we have a rainbow secret rare of Mew that may become the most wanted card out of Fusion Strike.

Alternate Art Mew

Alternative art Pokémon cards are cards that stand out by deviating from the art style of other cards in the same set. These cards are usually very rare and in the case of this alternative art Mew, it looks like it’s going to be this way. There are also some other amazing looking alt art cards in Fusion strike such as Celebi and Gengar. These will easily become very popular chase cards as well. Keep your eyes open and let us know what kind of pulls you get below when Fusion Strike comes out!

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