How To Download & Play The Pokemon TCG Live Beta

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Live Beta download

The release of Pokemon TCG Live is coming closer and they’re now releasing a Beta test to the public! This new PC and Mobile card game is the successor to Pokemon TCG Online or PTCGO for short. Some players don’t like the change for various reasons but we’re hoping this new online Pokemon card game becomes better than before. Starting today, February 22nd, the new Pokemon TCG Live Beta will be available to Canadian players. The Pokemon Support page doesn’t explain why the Pokemon TCG Live Beta is only available in Canada. As far as we can tell it seems like they just didn’t want to release to the entire world until they improve on the gameplay experience they have right now. It doesn’t look like they will be opening the beta to other countries at this time. Here’s how to download and play Pokemon TCG Live Beta!

How To Download Pokemon TCG Live Beta

To get Pokemon TCG Live on your computer or mobile device go to the Pokemon Support page answering frequent questions and detailing the participation guide. Here you’ll find three links for the Pokémon TCG Live Beta download. One to the App Store for Apple users, Google Play store for Android users, and a link to for Windows PC and macOS users. If the links don’t work or comes up with an error, it’s probably region locked or not available yet.

Can You Use A VPN?

We don’t suggest that you use a VPN to get around the country limitation but it is possible. At this time we’re not sure if players would get punished, suspended, or banned for using a VPN in TCG Live but this is something to take into consideration if you decide to use one.

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