Best Pokémon Halloween Costumes To Buy For Kids

PokePatch Pokemon Halloween costumes for kids

It’s finally October! Fall is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you love Pokémon. I’m always looking for new Pokémon merch and decorations to buy. With it almost being Halloween, that means something special. You can dress up as whatever you want to be! When I was a kid, I would’ve loved dressing up as a Pokémon, and that dream still stands for many kids today. All of the selected costumes currently have 4-5 star reviews. Here are the best Pokémon related costumes for kids on Amazon.

1. Pikachu Costume

The face of the Pokémon franchise and the most popular out there, Pikachu! Who doesn’t know who Pikachu is and who doesn’t want to dress up as it? It’s fun, bright, and an easy choice for a Halloween costume. This Pikachu costume has a mask and a suit with a tail that will make you stand out and look cool.

2. Squirtle Costume

Squirtle is one of the three original starter Pokémon, and is still very popular in the franchise today. If you love the color blue, or water type Pokémon, this is the costume for you. This also comes with a mask and a suit that makes you look like Squirtle.

3. Charmander Costume

Another great costume and starter is Charmander! One of the most well known and wanted Pokémon is Charizard, the final evolution of the orange fire type Pokémon, Charmander. The Charmander costume has a mask and an orange suit.

4. Eevee Costume

One of the most popular Pokémon is Eevee because it can evolve into so many different Pokémon. For that reason, this will always remain a fan favorite. This Eevee costume is a hooded onesie that makes you look like the cute, fox-like Pokémon, Eevee.

5. Grookey Costume

Grookey is a relatively new addition to the franchise, but since the day they announced him, he’s been a huge part of Pokémon. Grookey is just plain cute, how could you not like him? If you like the color green, this one is a great choice. This Grookey costume is also a hooded onesie.

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