How Pokémon Packs Are Being Sold Before Release Date

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations being sold early

There has been a bit of drama in the Pokémon TCG community lately regarding local card shops and individuals online selling Pokémon Celebrations packs. We’ll avoid mentioning names here to stay out of the drama ourselves but it’s important people know about this sort of thing happening. The Celebrations set of cards are not set to be released until Oct 8t, 2021. That means people are somehow getting these cards early and selling them off before they’re supposed to. Leaks are not uncommon when a new Pokémon Card set is coming out but people selling these products before the allowed sale date is something we don’t see often, and for good reason.

Some people on social media have theorized that these products have been stolen directly from printing factories. There’s no proof of this as of yet but even if these products were obtained legitimately, it’s very unlikely that they got permission to sell them before street date. In cases like this, depending on the contract the retailer signed, the manufacturer can fine the retailer or even file a lawsuit against them for breaking street date.

Why You Shouldn’t Support This

We urge everyone greatly to not support this behavior. Do not buy or sell cards, packs, or boxes before the release date intended by the Pokémon Company. Not only does this ruin the magic of everyone getting the packs at one time but it’s also potentially illegal and if The Pokémon Company were to take action, you may get in some serious trouble.

We’ve seen on social media that these potential sellers are selling single packs for $25+ and Elite Trainer Boxes for over $250! This is 5x beyond the price you should be paying to get these products on release day. So not only is it risky but you’d also just be wasting money on scalped products. Regardless of this drama, let’s all still get hyped for this upcoming set! We look forward to October 8th to see the types of pulls everyone will get.

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