Can You Play Pokémon Unite In 4K?

PokePatch Pokemon Unite in 4K

There have been many rumors and reports lately about multiple game developers having a 4K game development kit for the Switch. This has relit the conversation about a new model of Switch or a Switch Pro coming out. As of right now, there isn’t a way to play Pokémon Unite in 4K, but if these rumors are true, there may be a chance we will see it in the future. The Switch’s current highest output resolution is 1080p. Most TVs that you get from the store nowadays have a 4K resolution. So when you connect your console to the TV, the resolution will become upscaled and may not look as good as you’re used to. With a console that supports 4K resolution, you’ll be able to see the image more clearly as there are more pixels on your screen.

A 4K Switch would not only be exciting to play Pokémon Unite on, but many other games like the new Pokémon Legends: Arceus that comes out next year, in 2022. Playing this in 4K would be amazing because much of the game seems to be about exploration and scenery. Just as fans were getting excited at the thought of a new higher res Switch console, NintendoCoLtd tweeted this:

As a reply to this Tweet they also follow up with “we have no plans for any new model other than Nintendo Switch – OLED Model”. This is the only new model of Switch that we can confirm exists, which will be out in October, but it will not support 4K resolution.

Many people on social media are speculating that Nintendo is only denying these claims so people don’t wait to buy a Switch. A new Switch model that supports 4K resolution could be further out than we expect and Nintendo might not want potential customers to wait years to buy their products. This theory makes a lot of sense but is only a theory. Sadly, since Nintendo has already denied any such dev kit existing, this means it either won’t be out for a while or we’ll have to wait until the next generation of a Nintendo console comes out to play games in 4K.

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