How To Get More Shiny Alphas in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus how to get more alpha shinys

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been out for almost a month now and fans can’t get enough. There’s so many players that have already completed the game but are still playing to catch more Alphas and Shinys. If you get really lucky you might come across a Shiny Alpha Pokemon! These are very rare and catching them is not an easy task but the chase is fun. Players have been working for weeks trying to collect data and find the best way to find Shiny Alpha Pokemon. Here’s how to find and catch more Alpha Shiny Pokemon.

How To Find Shiny Alpha Pokemon in Mass Outbreaks

Obviously the best way to hunt Shiny Pokemon is through Mass Outbreaks. In these outbreaks you can also find Alphas and if you’re lucky a Shiny Alpha. There’s something you can do to increase your odds of getting a Shiny Alpha but first let’s talk about how Alphas spawn in Outbreaks. If an Alpha is in a mass outbreak, another alpha cannot spawn until the current one is caught or KO’d. This essentially means you can find multiple Alphas in the same mass outbreak but there can only be one at a time. Catching or KOing an Alpha Pokemon will not guarantee that more Alphas spawn but since there can only be one alpha in an outbreak at a time, you’ll need to take it out for more to spawn.

Basically, If the next Pokemon in the outbreak is a shiny, you’ll want to make sure to there are no Alphas in the group so you have a chance at getting a Shiny Alpha.

Twitter user, @Sibuna_Switch is where we found out that only one Alpha Pokemon can spawn at a time. In their video you can see a Shiny Pokemon spawn that was also supposed to be an Alpha but became a normal Shiny because there was already an Alpha in the outbreak. They reload and show that if they catch the Alpha before the Shiny spawns, it becomes a Shiny Alpha.

How To Get More Outbreaks

If you’re looking how to get more outbreaks to spawn in general, check out this article below!

Are Alpha Pokemon & Shiny Pokemon Predetermined?

It has been found by the community that the moment you travel to a new location from Jubilife Village all Pokemon in that area are predetermined. This means Shiny Pokemon and Alpha Pokemon spawn around the map at the same time you load in, you just can’t see them yet. Knowing this means if you explore the area once and find no shinys then odds are you won’t find any until you go back to Jubilife Village and come back to the wild area.

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