Brilliant Stars Pull Rates for New Pokemon TCG Set

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Brilliant Stars Pull Rates

The newest Pokemon TCG set, Brilliant Stars just released! Players and collectors are hyped to open packs and see what they get. Many PokeTubers and content creators got these packs early before release and are opening them on YouTube. Reddit user u/ABkCkay posted a chart on the PokemonTCG subreddit that shows Brilliant Stars pulls rates for each type of card in this Pokemon TCG set based on these early packs. These numbers are from opening 20 booster boxes which is a total of 720 booster packs. Another user says they’ve watched 20 unboxings of this new set and these numbers look similar to what they’ve seen. Does Brilliant Stars have good pull rates? Here we can see percentages for card types as more packs are being opened by YouTubers and streamers.

Pull Rate for VStar Cards

Out of all Brilliant Stars pull rates, fans want to know what the odds are of pulling a VSTAR card. VSTAR is the newest type of Pokemon card that everyone wants. These are proving to be more difficult to pull than we originally thought. Although, you’re more likely to pull this than a VMax card, the pull rate for a single VStar card is about 55% for each Brilliant Stars booster box. A booster box has 36 booster packs This means the odds of you getting a VStar card in a single Brilliant Stars booster pack is about 1.5%, which is rarer than pulling a Secret Rare card at 1.9% per booster pack.

Brilliant Stars Pull Rates for All Card Types

It’s good to note that the Trainer Gallery cards are similar to Character Rare cards we’ve seen in Japanese sets such as Star Birth. These Trainer Gallery cards feature a character such as a Pokemon Trainer with their Pokemon. The percentages for pull rates below are based on early numbers from the reddit post above and may change as we see more of these packs opened. Huge credit to ABkCkay but we’ve arranged the numbers in a more digestible format here. Here are the odds of getting each card type from a single Brilliant Stars booster pack.

  • V Card pull rate = 13.5% per pack
  • Trainer Gallery pull rate = 12% per pack
  • Main Set Fullart pull rate = 3.5% per pack
  • Secret Rare pull rate = 1.9% per pack
  • VStar pull rate = 1.5% per pack
  • Rainbow Rare pull rate = 1% per pack
  • VMax pull rate = 0.8% per pack
  • Gold Card pull rate = 0.8% per pack
  • Alternate Art pull rate = 0.7% per pack

Where To Buy Brilliant Stars Packs

Is Brilliant Stars worth it? Well, it seems pull rates are better than many previous set and the art is amazing! If you’re looking to get your hands on some Brilliant Stars packs or boxes, a great and reliable source for Pokemon cards is GameStop. Not only will you be getting it from a trusted source for a good price but PokePatch also earns a commission from some orders and you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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