Last Chance to Buy Celebrations Packs as Pokemon TCG Set Ending Soon

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations ending soon

Celebrating 25 Years of Pokemon TCG

The whole year of 2021, The Pokemon Company was celebrating their 25th anniversary by releasing many new products related to this event. One of the most popular products from this year was the Celebrations TCG expansion set that had small packs of 4 cards. All cards in each pack are holo or better. There are also recreations of classic base set and other older cards. This formula made this Pokemon TCG set one of the most popular in a long time. With the year being 2022 now, they’re finally ending this set once and for all.

When Does Pokemon Celebrations End?

The Pokemon Celebrations TCG set will only be available until 2/26 at 4pm PT or while supplies last. We expect these wont stay in stock for long with the demand increasing again. Many places are already sold out but there are still some major retail websites and locations with Celebrations still in stock.

Where To Buy Celebrations Packs & Boxes

The Pokemon Center is the first place to check before February 26th but we’ve found that most Celebrations products are already sold out there. Another great place to check is GameStop. We’ve found plenty of Celebrations TCG products still in stock on GameStop but be quick before they sell out! PokePatch also earns commission from eligible GameStop purchases so you’ll be helping our website stay up. Thank you for the support!

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