How To Get More Outbreaks – The Best Shiny Hunting Method in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is the newest game in the Pokemon franchise and has quickly become known for it’s unique gameplay mechanics. This new title changes many things about Pokemon, one of those being how players obtain Shiny Pokemon. Mass Outbreaks have easily become the best way to hunt Shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus. If you want to join in on the Shiny hunting, you’re probably wondering how do I get more mass outbreaks to spawn? Here’s what we’ve found.

How To Trigger an Outbreak Spawn

Outbreaks don’t really have a respawn time as it’s based on what you’re doing not how long you wait. According to @Kaphotics on Twitter and multiple others with similar data, when you travel to Jubilife Village from an open area, such as the Obsidian Fieldlands, there is a 20% chance a mass outbreak will spawn. This means on average every 5 times you fast travel to the village, an outbreak will spawn in a random area. In our own testing, on average we got an outbreak to appear every 3 fast travels to Jubilife Village. We may have just got lucky with these numbers but it seems that the fastest way to get more outbreaks to spawn is to fast travel back and forth between Obsidian Fieldlands and Jubilife Village until you get one.

Do Outbreaks Despawn?

Outbreaks can despawn but again, this is not based on time. So if you go afk or take a detour on your way to the reported mass outbreak location, you don’t have to worry about it despawning. According to the tweet above, an outbreak can potentially despawn when you travel to a different area outside of that outbreak. For example, if there’s an Eevee mass outbreak in the Cobalt Coastlands and you travel to Alabaster Icelands, there’s a 20% chance that Eevee outbreak will despawn. This knowledge can be used to your benefit, though. If you get an outbreak for a Pokemon that you don’t want, don’t travel to that outbreak’s location until it despawns and you can get a different one.

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