New Massive Mass Outbreak Shiny Hunting Guide for Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Massive Mass Outbreaks Shiny Hunting

In the new Pokemon Day event, an update to Pokemon Legends Arceus was released called Daybreak. In this Daybreak update, some new missions and gameplay was added to the game including a new type of outbreak. These are called Massive Mass Outbreaks. But what are they and how can you get more Shiny Pokemon from them?

What Are Massive Mass Outbreaks?

Massive Mass Outbreaks are the newest addition to Pokemon Legends Arceus that allows you to catch Pokemon from multiple Mass Outbreaks at the same time. When you find a Massive Mass Outbreak a question mark will appear in an area and when you travel there you will see many question marks across your map. Each question mark represents a Mass Outbreak of a random Pokemon. Exploring these outbreaks may result in you finding a shiny Pokemon or even shiny starter Pokemon if you’ve completed the main story missions.

How To Find Shinys in Massive Mass Outbreaks

The best way to find Shiny Pokemon in Massive Mass Outbreak is to give 5 Aguav Berries to Mai’s Munchlax at the main camp in the area. This will reveal what Pokemon are at each outbreak instead of them being hidden by a question mark. Before you give Aguav Berries to Muchlax, you should consider saving your game. If you go through this process and don’t find any Pokemon you want, you can load your game again and get your 5 Aguav Berries back. After you’ve spoken to Mai and Munchlax to reveal the outbreaks on your map, fly over or travel to all of the outbreaks in the area. This way, you can quickly see if any shinys have appeared initially. After you’ve looked at all of the outbreaks you can also go to outbreaks for Pokemon you like the most. Catch all of the Pokemon there as a shiny might spawn after the initial wave. But be quick because Massive Outbreaks have a time limit. Once it stops raining, the outbreaks in the area will dissappear.

To quickly catch Pokemon in outbreaks, throw Sticky Globs or Apricorns at them to stun them. Some Pokemon that are evolved will need to be hit twice before they’re stunned. This will prevent them from attacking you so you don’t have to spend time sneaking around in tall grass and gives you more time to look for shinys.

Massive Mass Outbreaks Shiny Spawn Rates

Massive and Normal Mass Outbreaks are both great ways of quickly hunting shinys, but what’s the best way? What are Normal Mass Outbreaks vs Massive Mass Outbreaks shiny spawn rates? Thanks to Anubis on Twitter AKA @Sibuna_Switch, we can see these shiny spawn rates. According to this chart, you’re 13x more likely to find a shiny in a Massive Mass Outbreak than full odds in the wild. These are really good odds and with how many Pokemon Massive Outbreaks spawn, you’re pretty likely to find a shiny sooner or later. Compare to normal outbreaks, though, it’s not as high. Normal Mass Outbreaks are 26x more likely to spawn shinys than full odds in the wild. These odds are twice as high as Massive ones. Both are still great ways of hunting shinys and it’s all about which shiny Pokemon you want in the end.

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